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Oriental Specialty Rug Cleaning

Rugs can be considered an investment in a way.  We spend money on them to decorate our living spaces and make our home’s cozy. We also spend time and energy trying to keep them clean and to last for years to come.  The cost of a rug can vary drastically depending on size, material, use, etc. 

When it comes to Oriental or other specialty rugs, the investment can be even more.  Often these rugs are made from high quality materials. Built with tight weaves. And made to last.  If cared for properly, many are even handed down to family or friends. 

So how do you care for an Oriental rug? How does one clean an Oriental or specialty rug in their home?  Are their special cleaning methods or materials? Is Vacuuming enough for my rug? 

Vacuums are great!  They help maintain the health and beauty of any rug.  But typically, vacuuming only helps remove surface debris, dust, dirt, etc. 

When it comes to specialty rugs or tight weaved oriental rugs, vacuuming will help keep it looking good, but a vacuum just isn’t enough to remove accumulation deep within it’s fibers.  That is the difficult part about maintaining high quality rugs.  They are so well built and the fibers are well woven to last and look great, but this same construction can make the dirt, dandruff, dust, odors and debris much more difficult to remove.  They can become impacted deep and can’t be removed with conventional methods.  Over time, this grows and can even cause the rug to “gain weight.”  Professional rug cleaning is often the only way to remove them. 

A professional cleaning every couple of years will not only keep your oriental rug clean and healthy but also help it last longer by removing unwanted deposits that can act like sandpaper eating away at the fibers in your rug or carpet.   

Five Star Carpet and Tile Cleaning specializes in cleaning specialty rugs, such as Oriental Rugs, and has over 10 years of experience.  We are a small, local business in Palm Beach County and care about the quality of our work and our customer’s satisfaction.  For more information about us or to have a FREE Quote for your Oriental Rug cleaning, call us at 561-293-1326.


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