Frequently Asked Questions for Tile & Grout Cleaning

How often should I have my tile & grout cleaned?
It depends on the traffic and placement of your tile in your home or business. Typically a good rule of thumb for a deep cleaning of your tile and/or grout lines is every year to year and a half. If limited traffic, you could go longer.
Will cleaning my tile or grout scratch or put extra wear on them?
No! Not cleaning your tile or grout could be more harmful. Buildup of dirt or other soil can actually act like an abrasive, similar to sandpaper, to your tile flooring or grout lines and wear it down over time. Professional cleaning restores life to your floors.
Does it matter if I have colored tile or grout?
Not at all. We specialize in cleaning colored grout, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles.
Who is the best tile & grout cleaning company in the Palm Beach Area?
There a many reputable companies that clean tile and grout lines in the area. However, Five Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning specialized in tile & grout cleaning for any room or location in your home or building. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and customer satisfaction is our top priority. high standard and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We service every city in Palm Beach County, from Boca Raton to Boynton Beach to West Palm Beach to Jupiter and every where in-between.

Tile and grout will accumulate dirt, mold, grime and stains over a period of time. To ensure your tile stone and grout looks it's best, have it cleaned every 12-18 months for long lasting-protection. Sparkling clean tiles not only good look but also provides a healthier environment for people and pets in your home or office. We offer residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning services. No Job is too big or small. Reach out to Five Star Tile Cleaning to schedule your tile and grout cleaning for any room in your home or office today.

Our professional floor cleaning services will restore your tile and grout lines to its best. We offer free estimates. Call us @ 561-293-1326 today!