Mobile Rug Cleaning Services

Professional Area Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services in the Palm Beach Area

Living in Palm Beach County Florida, most homes have some sort of tile or hard surface flooring in multiple rooms. That means more than like you have an area rug or more somewhere in your home. Often these rugs are are placed in high traffic areas.

Deep cleaning your rugs at least once a year helps prevent excess build up of dirt, mold, dandruff & much more and is also very important in keeping them looking clean and increasing your rug's longevity. Area rugs aren't cheap, so protect your investment.

Make scheduling your rug cleaning convenient for you with our pick-up & delivery services.

Making Rug Cleaning Easier for You!

Everyone's schedule is hectic as ever and the need to be safe is more significant in today's world. Getting your area rugs cleaned doesn't have to be difficult or take away from your day to day.

We make it easy. You can schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. We'll pick up your rugs and take them back to our facility for a professional cleaning. Then return them safely to your home. There isn't a need to let someone into your home with their equipment and have to wait for them to clean your rugs before you can get back to your life. No more loud carpet cleaning noises in the background why you try to work. No more waiting for the rugs to fully dry. Let us make it easy for you to get your area rugs cleaned.

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