Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Your pets are part of the family. They can fill your hearts and home with love. But they shouldn't fill it with their odors.

We can remove animal odor and stains. Our services ensure your pets scent is no longer in your carpet, area rugs, floors or furniture. Our pet services include:

  • Removing Pet Stains
  • Pet Odor & Dandruff Removal
  • Removing Pet Urine
  • Deep Soil Extraction
  • Allergy Neutralizer
  • Stain Prevention
  • & More
  • Rest assured, our professional, high-quality methods are safe for pets and individuals within your home. So you don't have to worry about putting any members of the family in harm after the cleaning.

    Also, if you have pet stains and odors on your floors, more than likely you also have some on your furniture. We also provide furniture & upholstery cleaning to help remove those unwanted spots and odors.

    To learn more about pet stain, dirt, odor, dandruff, etc removal, check out our blog Carpet Cleaning Mistakes made by Pet Owners.

    Pet Urine Stain Removal From Your Carpets, Rugs & Kilims in the Palm Beaches

    We receive calls everyday about cat or dog urine stains & odors on carpets and/or rugs. Don’t get mad at your pets, we will take care of the pet stain & odor removal.

    If you have pets, accidents will happen. Here are some tips to minimize the damage to your carpet, rugs or furnture. First you must pick up as much of it as possible. This can be achieved by getting a white rag and blotting the urine or spot. Be careful not to rub it in as most fibers will absorb these liquids and odors. Urine and waste begins to change in PH balance quickly. The sooner you call us to clean your carpet or furniture the better. But, if you choose to use an at home spray, ensure that you do not use anything with enzymes on natural rugs and do not rush and put a bunch of cleaning chemicals on the stain hoping it will come up. Some chemicals & liquids can even solidify the stain. Try to use the proper chemicals for your carpet, rug or furntire. If in doubt, call Five Star Carpet Cleaning in Palm Beach County.