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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes made by Pet Owners in West Palm Beach Area:

When you have a pet living in your home, it takes a toll on your carpet. Pets create stains that their owners make worse by making three common mistakes during the clean-up process. Those mistakes include:

Scrubbing the Carpet:

Yes, scrubbing the carpet can be a mistake.  Naturally we want to scrub dirt, spills or stains on our carpet or rugs as soon as we see it.  But scrubbing carpet or rug fibers isn’t the same as scrubbing your shirt or pants.  If your pet tracks in mud or potties in the house, hold off on scrubbing it with a cloth or brush. 

What is best for your floor is to try and lift the mess off the surface. Scrubbing typically just breaks it down and compacts it into the fibers of your carpet flooring or area rugs. 

Try spraying it with a solution similar to dishwashing soap and water.  Then dab the mess or stain off with a cloth, rag or paper towel.  This will help lift it from your flooring.

Not Cleaning the Carpet or Rugs Right Away:

Cleaning your flooring right away after a pet makes a mess is a must.  Remember, not scrubbing it but lifting it from the fibers.  Letting your pet stains sit for an extended amount of time can cause a big problem.  Even if it’s only for hours, the damage may already be done and removing the mess without not causing remaining stains or odors maybe very difficult if not impossible. 

Not Using a Professional Cleaning Service:

No matter how clean us pet owners are, regular carpet cleaning or rug cleaning methods just won’t cut it.  Standard cleaning methods won’t remove the deep-seated dirt, pet dandruff and odors buried deep in your carpet or rug fibers.  It will help and the more vacuuming/sweeping you do, the better.  But if you have pets, you will need a professional carpet cleaning service occasionally. It is advised to have your carpet and rugs professionally cleaned every three to six months, especially if you have pets.

Keep Your Carpets & Rugs Spotless:

If you have pets and want to keep your carpet flooring and area rugs looking their best or maybe you just think it’s time for a deep cleaning, the carpet cleaning company you can trust in Palm Beach County is Five Star Carpet and Tile Cleaning.  We can help keep your carpets and rugs looking clean whether you have pets or not.  We offer one-time or, semi-annual carpet cleanings. 

Don’t live with pet stains and odors in your home. Contact us today at 561-293-1326 for our professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services in the West Palm Beach areaWe offer carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning in every city/community in Palm Beach County.