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Stone Floor & Tile Cleaning

Natural stone flooring, such as marble, granite or travertine, is beautiful, luxurious, striking, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Stone floors add a lot to a home and are investments in which homeowners should protect. Natural stone floors can continue to look their best and shine like new for decades, but it takes a bit of regular maintenance on the owner’s part. When it comes to preserving your flooring, here are some natural stone cleaning tips to help.

Sweep, vacuum and mop your stone floors regularly:

It’s part of everyday living. Dirt and dust particles accumulate on everything, including our floors. When it does, it can act like sandpaper and scratch the surface of natural stone floors or tiles. Simple, regular vacuuming, sweeping and/or moping is one of the best maintenance tips for these types of floors. It helps regularly remove harmful particles from the surface and reduce wear and tear from every day use and foot traffic that happens in your home. Try to use soft-bristle brushes, brooms and dust mops. Avoid anything that could scratch or damage the surface of your floors. Soft and gentle goes a long way on maintaining your tile or stone flooring.

Avoid Typical Floor Cleaning Products:

You will come across ads and tips for floor cleaning that recommend using a variety of products that claim to clean dirt, stains, grout lines, etc. But many of these cleaning products use some sort of chemical, acid or even an abrasive. DO NOT use these products on your natural stone floors. Natural stone, such as granite, travertine and marble, are durable, however, they are natural stones that are somewhat porous. These cleaners can dull, damage, or even stain the stone. To maintain your natural stone floors and tiles, only use neutral cleaners that are approved for use on your type of flooring .

Perform a Light Floor Cleaning Regularly

Regular light cleaning of a natural stone flooring typically involves a sweeping of some sort and then dampening the surface with water and applying a safe cleaning solution with a non-abrasive sponge or mop. Also, periodically, you may want to apply some sort of finish to help give your stone or tile flooring a shine or luster as if it was recently polished. However, occasionally, a deep floor cleaning is necessary, especially if you’ve neglected regular cleaning and maintenance of your flooring.

Have a Professional, Full Clean Now and Then

Most homes are lived in and floors are walked on. No matter how clean you are, your floors take a ton of traffic and wear. Deep cleaning your natural stone floors and tiles is needed every now and then. To do so, you’ll need a professional to use a heavy-duty, non-abrasive stone cleaner and degreasing agent. Most individuals don’t have the equipment or expertise to properly deep clean a stone flooring and leave it looking sparkly new. Contact Five Star today to schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration of our amazing natural stone cleaning process in the Palm Beach area for your home or office.

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