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December 13, 2018
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December 31, 2018

When it comes to carpet, rug & tile cleaning in areas like West Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Boynton Beach, FL and other cities in Palm Beach County Florida, it can seem like a never-ending task. Let’s face it, your flooring takes it’s fair share of abuse. Over time, they attract dirt, grime, stains, pet odors and other messes that can be difficult to clean on your own.

Yes, regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of your fools are important, but are sure you’re accomplishing a good enough cleaning to keep your home it’s cleanest and freshest? When regular, routine flooring cleanings aren’t enough or all you have been doing for years, it may be time to schedule a deep carpet, rug or tile & grout cleaning.

Experience the difference:

One big difference between cleaning your home’s floors versus hiring a professional floor cleaning service in Palm Beach County is the equipment. The professionals come equipped with better tools and materials to clean your floors right. High-quality, industrial floor cleaning products aren’t things the normal individual keeps stored in their home or garage in South Florida. Having your carpet, area rugs or tile flooring cleaned at least once or twice a year will not only keep your flooring looking better over time but also make your own routine floor cleaning more efficient.

Floor Cleaning Knowledge:

Professional floor and furniture cleaners know what it takes to clean different styles of flooring, not to mention the variety of stains. They’ve not only been trained on the proper carpet, tile and rug cleaning methods but also have accumulated vast knowledge over time by experience different circumstances for cleaning floors. More than likely, no matter how dirty or stained your floors may be, a professional cleaner can help.

Time Saving & Thoroughness:

It takes time to clean your floors right. Especially if you don’t have the equipment described earlier to do the job right. Also, who wants to spend their day or night cleaning floors? Well, Five Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Palm Beach County does! That is what we do for a living and pride ourselves on doing the job right, efficient and appropriate for you and your home.

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