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Office Carpet and Floor Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL

When it comes finding a floor cleaning company for your office or business, there are a lot of factors to consider.  Some of these include:

  • Size of your office floors that need clean
  • The material of your floors (carpet, tile & grout, marble, etc.)
  • How may rugs, runners, etc.
  • When is the best time? When might there be less foot traffic?
  • How often would you like your floors or carpets cleaned?
  • & any other factors that should be considered

All of these factors go into deciding what cleaning methods are best for each office or business.  When a customer calls, depending on their description of their floors we help explain which floor cleaning service is best and our unique approach to cleaning their floors. 

Not every carpet and floor cleaning company in Palm Beach County is equipped to clean commercial floors.  At Five Star Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we can clean any flooring whether it is located in an office building, industrial setting, retail shop, restaurant or kitchen floor, shopping complex or store entry ways.

For more information about our carpet, rug, tile & grout and floor cleaning services, call us at 561-293-1326 or visit

When you schedule a free consultation, we will come to your business and do a walk-through of your office space or facility. During the walk through, we’ll review your areas of concern and develop customized solutions at no charge. No job is too small or large. Whether a small, individual office space, a larger corporate setting or a large industrial space, Five Star can handle the job.